(Leaving The Airwaves. Last Show January 31st, 2016)
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A note from Ray (to Raymond's Place fans)

Traditional country music lovers are steadfast and without a doubt are the
most loyal of fans probably more so than in any other genre of music.
I can speak these words with conviction as I have had an ongoing love affair with
traditional country music since I was a boy, whose dream was to move to Nashville,
to perform on the Grand Ole Opry and to find success as a performer and songwriter.
With an ongoing drive and determination, fortunately for me a great many of musical
dreams have come true.
As the sound of country music and it's songs and arrangements began to change in the
late seventies and early eighties, traditional country fans only had their records
to play as country music radio had pretty much stopped playing traditional country
artists and switched their formats to what was labelled as new country.
Being a long-time fan of real traditional/classic country music I decided to offer
at no charge to radio stations, a program featuring the music of many of the country
music greats, a few not so known traditional artist's, and a little rockabilly, along
with a bit of trivia about each artist before playing their music. I called the show
"Raymond's Place!"
Over the course of the last eight years the show has been on the air it has gotten quite
a following both on local radio and on the internet.
Sadly however, the time has come for me to announce that I will be doing my final Raymond's
Place" show at the end of January.
Although my cancer is in remission, I have been dealing with ongoing throat cancer related
health issues for some time now. Putting a "Raymond's Place" show together is quite time
consuming and at this point in my life I need to take a break, get some rest and turn
another page in my life, spend more time with Trudy my wife and little Shadow and
maybe even write a book.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those you who have been loyal listener's to
"Raymond's Place" since it first went on the air eight years ago.
I'd like thank the radio stations who have aired "Raymond's Place" and for giving me the
leeway to do it my way! I have sincerely enjoyed our musical get-togethers!
The good Lord willing perhaps one day I'll be given the chance to sing again!
My best to all of you!
Traditionally yours,
Ray Griff
See ya, Love ya, Bye

Ray's Health Update: January 2016

Dear Fans and Friends!

2015 was another challenging year for Ray with a string medical appointments
and surgeries on the docket. Indications are that 2016 will be much of the same!
Due to inflammation and an abscess that has been discovered around the implants
and crowns that were put in during jaw reconstruction in 2013 it has been
determined that extraction will be necessary.
A torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder will require surgery in 2016 as will
further knuckle replacement surgery.
In spite of the pain he is dealing with Ray remains up-beat and not a day
goes by when he doesn't thank God for his many blessings.
He's grateful to his many fans and friends for their prayers and steadfast support.

Ray's Health Update: May 2015

Dear Fans and Friends,

Ray is quite ill but is determined to keep on keeping on!
He records the dialogue for his radio show "Raymond's Place" in bits and pieces
as speaking is difficult for him since the radiation he had for throat cancer in 2008
wound up destroying all of the blood vessels and bones in the radiated side of his
face leading to osteoradionecrosis and jaw replacement.
He has a difficult time eating solid foods and fluids pretty much make up his diet.
The toughest part for Ray in no longer being able to sing!
Surgeries are ongoing for Ray!
He thanks all of you for your continued prayers and support!

Ray Griff Music

Ray's Health Update: September 2014

Dear Fans and Friends,

Although the radiation Ray had for throat cancer in 2008 put the cancer in remission
it also destroyed the blood vessel and bones in his jaw leading to osteoradionecrosis
surgery four years later. Jaw reconstruction is ongoing which includes implants and
crowns along with plastic surgery in the weeks and months ahead. Liquid foods pretty
much make up Ray's diet as eating solid foods is difficult.

At this time, Ray is not able to sing and even talking is difficult which is quite
frustrating for him! The pain and lack of mobility from arthritis in his hands makes
it difficult for him to play the piano and further knuckle replacement surgery is up
and coming as well.

In spite of what he's going through, Ray tries to stay positive and never fails to
thank God for his many blessings!

Ray Griff Enterprises

Ray's Health Update: June 2013

Dear Fans and Friends,

For those of you who have inquired about my current health situation, I can only
tell you I have a long journey ahead that involves a great deal of reconstructive
surgery over the course of the next two years. The osteoradionecrosis surgery
I had in April 2012 left me with a lot of challenges including partial facial paralysis.
I am however dealing with it the best I can. I had hoped to return to performing
in 2014, but those plans have been put on hold indefinitely.
Thank you for your continued prayers of love and support!
My blessings go with you,

A special message from Trudy Griff to Rays fans and friends

Ray Griff health up-date: February 2013

Dear fans and friends!
Ray continuous to deal with the damage done by late radiation side effects from
2008 resulting in more upcoming surgery.

A few words from Ray to his fans and friends

July 2012

My dear fans and friends,
I would like to thank those of you who have sent get well cards, letters and emails
during this difficult time.
Your kind words of support are sincerely appreciated!
Most of all however, I would like to thank you for all your prayers!
I thought going through the throat cancer in 2008 was a tough one but what I'm
dealing with now is the biggest challenge I have faced in my life.
After reading the "Special message from Trudy" (dated May 11th) many of you
have asked for more specific details regarding my health.
I have always been open and above board with my fans and friends and have bared
my soul in the words and music of my songs.
To help you to better understand my situation and to answer your many inquires I
will try to put into words what I'm dealing with at this time.
Here goes!
Imagine: A tight rope around your neck and feeling like you're choking after being
cut from ear to ear. Having no feeling (numbness) in half your face, including your
tongue and ear along with a perforated ear drum. A piece of metal in your jaw, along
with a huge piece of skin and bone taken from your leg.
Constant dry mouth (very little saliva) (a side effect from the radiation for throat cancer).
Having no smelling senses (a side effect from the radiation for throat cancer).
Constant nausea from the drainage from your throat and a tongue covered with a thick
coating. Lying on your back in bed and feeling like you're being strangled.
Laying on your right side and not being able to rest because your ear feels like rubber.
Laying on your left side and not being able to rest because of the bone and skin taken
from your leg.
Eighty percent of your food intake is in liquid form as solids lead to choking and not
being able to swallow.
I'm trying to keep a positive mind set through all of this.
It's a struggle but I`m doing my best!
Taking Physio therapy for my face and leg are part of my schedule.
I've been told by the doctors that the feeling may never come back in my face, still
there's a small chance some of it may in a year or two if the nerve's were not cut or
too severely damaged in the surgery.
With the love and care of my dear wife Trudy, my little dog`s kisses, and the support
of my family, fans and friends I'm moving forward, taking it one day at a time.
Miracles are possible through the power of prayer!
I hope this letter has answered most of your questions.
On a more up-beat note:
Over the course of my career I recorded many songs that have never been released.
I'm in the process of making arrangements to release some of these recording's on
CD along with some of my recording's that were initially released on vinyl.
Please check my website from time to time as to the release dates of these new CD's.
Thank you again for being there for me and for making my music a part of your
life through the years.
God bless all of you!

A special message from Trudy Griff to Rays fans and friends

Ray Griff health up-date: May 2012

Dear fans and friends!
After four month of living with excruciating pain, endless doctor appointments,
cat scans, tooth extractions, 40 - 3 hour a day Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments
and several debridement surgeries, including flap surgery, on February 27th, a further
cat scan revealed that Ray had osteoradionecrosis.
It was determined that the radiation Ray had in 2008 put the cancer in remission, but in
doing so destroyed the circulation, thus 2 major reconstructive jaw surgeries were done
in February and April 2012.
A large piece of bone was taken from one of his legs to replace the dead bone in his jaw
and further flap surgery was performed along with a metal plate.
Ray spent 24 hours in ICU and another 10 days in the hospital.
The tracheotomy was removed on April 18. Ray came home on April 21, the day before
his birthday.
"Our house looks somewhat like a hospital with suction, walkers, crutches, not to mention
all the supplies for his multiple dressings!"
On May 1st Ray met with the surgeon who performed the surgery as well as a swallowing
It's tough, and he's still in a lot of pain and is taking it one day at a time!
Ray's diet pretty much consists of Ensure and calorie drinks although today he was able to
get a little mashed potatoes and gravy down. He can't eat any solids yet!
Most of the nerves in the radiated/operated side of his jaw are damaged causing numbness
(paralysis), with limited voluntary movement.
He's been given lot of exercises that hopefully in time will in time restore some feeling in
his face again. The leg where they removed the bone and graft is tough to deal with and
the goal is to get to the point where he can motivate without a walker or a crutch.
Physiotherapy sessions should begin in the next week or so.
Not much voice yet! He's tired most of the time, as there's still a lot of healing that needs
to take place. There's no recovery period for what he's dealing with, although estimates
lean toward two to three years.
Please check Ray's website from time to time for updates on his health.
Ray and I thank all of you for your continued prayers and support.
God bless all of you!


The question regarding Ray Griff's whereabouts, his low profile and
his disappearance from the country scene for a number of years has
been a subject often discussed among his fans and peers in the
music world.
Here, Ray answers those questions himself:
In the middle seventies my life was about as hectic as it could get.
With recording and producing my own records, producing other artist's
projects, writing songs, running a publishing company, performing
concert dates and being the host of my own weekly television show;
I was completely overloaded and had a nervous breakdown.
Just when I started pulling out of it, my little Yorkshire Terrier Dandy
died. I love animals deeply and because of this I was devastated.
My depression and state of mind was to get even worse when my wife
and I got a divorce shortly thereafter. I continued to work some show
dates, but over the next few years I basically became a hermit,
living in seclusion on an acreage outside of Nashville. It was at that
time that I made a decision to end my association with the major
record label I was recording for when the person who had signed me
with the label was fired. I practically stopped pitching my song's to
record labels and other artist's altogether.
I kept writing song's, but used it more as therapy than anything else,
since most of what I wrote at that time had to do with the depressing
side of life. The next few years brought more difficulty.
During that time I was in severe pain from a back injury and it became
necessary to have surgery. I stopped touring the United States in the
middle eighties. My mother had become quite ill and in order to be
close to her I turned to working the night club circuit in Canada.
During one of these engagements I was attacked by three goons
after one of my performances and my right hand was severely broken,
and major surgery was performed half a dozen times to try and repair
the damage. I could not play the piano for two years which was very
difficult for me, since it was such an important part of my life both as
a song writer and a performer.
When my mother passed away in 1990 my state of mind was about
as low as it could get. Shortly thereafter I sold fifty percent of my
publishing copyrights to a European conglomerate that consisted
of a catalogue of more than five hundred songs, forty years of my
life's work.
My life started to turn to the better, however, when I met a special
lady while I was in Canada on tour. We fell in love and were married
in a quiet ceremony at my home in Nashville in 1990. Although I had
an office in Nashville, I had pretty much become disillusioned with
the direction that country music had taken and chose to stay out
of the mainstream of the business.
In 1998 I was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Honour!
While producing some aspiring talent in Canada, in 2001 I got the
desire to return to the recording studio myself as an artist and
recorded my first new music project in 16 years "See Ya, Love Ya, Bye".
Since 2001 I have released eight CD's of both new recordings, past hits
as an artist and songwriter, previously recorded cuts from vinyl albums,
as well as never before released material from my extensive catalogue
of recorded music.
A complete list of my 19 vinyl albums and 19 CDs can be found on the Bio
page of my Website. A few of the vinyl albums as well as all of the CD's
listed are available for purchase at Rays Store.
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